While God grants us Moksha, the tools which make us understand the glory of God are the Vedas and the shastras. The unique privilege of propagating these through classes and lectures rests on vidwamsas. These scholars protect the pristine purity of the shastras and are very meticulous about the correct interpretation. As such, maintaining the vidwamsas in reasonable comfort and above want, would in fact mean protection of shastras, proclamation of the God principle and spiritual truth.

The practice of Dharma and the associated rituals become meaningful only when their true significance is understood. Though these are featured in the shastras, the job of explaining these lucidly to the common individual is that of the vidwamsas. In other words Pundits are the ones who keep alive these traditions and values among the people. Without them, the society would drift aimlessly to degeneration.

The number of vidwamsas is dwindling day by day mainly because of the waning interest among common people in spiritual matters and also because the royal patronage which the vidwamsas received in the olden days is no longer there. The feeling of insecurity haunts the persons who are inclined to pursue this career. The situation of those who took up Vaidika Vrutti as a profession and who have reached their twilight years is even more pathetic. Along with the struggles of making both ends meet the peculiar problems of old age leave them totally debilitated. In spite of all these odds the Herculean effort of some not to forsake their Dharmic values and practices even in the present-day vice-ridden environment is indeed commendable and worthy of emulation. The prime and minimal duty of every Satwik person is to nurture and nourish these savants who have, with their sacrifices, laid the bedrocks of our spiritual values. This effort is far more important than construction of buildings and other such activities. This is the direct route for saving, preserving and perpetuating the rich storehouse of our spiritual knowledge. This service to Pundits is service to Panduranga.

With this background, our pratishthana took its first step by instituting a monthly honorarium-for-life under the title "Vyasa Madhwa Seva Prashasti" for such vidwamsas who are bordering eighty years of age. We started this scheme as a commemorative activity during the function for the release of Sarva Moola Granthas in Kannada Script. To date we have identified 30 such Pundits and has undertaken the task of remitting an honorarium of Rs. 1500/- per month per person. We have ambitious plans of enlarging the scope of this project involving large financial out flows. We heartily welcome voluntary contributions in the form of seed capital, monthly or yearly contributions towards the honorarium fund from philanthropic members of the public, with whose support, we can confidently broaden this very necessary urgent activity to reach the largest number of deserving Pundits. The details of the types of contributions that can be made are:

  • One time Permanent Donation of Rs. 90000/- per vidwamsa

  • Rs. 18000/- per year per vidwamsa

  • Rs. 1500/- per month per vidwamsa (should be in the form of twelve monthly cheques spread over an year)

  • One time Permanent Donation of Rs.45000/- which would cover the 50% Honorarium of one vidwamsa

  • Rs. 9000/- per year

  • Monetary contributions as per the Donor's choice

The short fall in the monthly yield from the corpus fund, now and in days to come, will be made up by the Pratishthana.

All contributions should preferably be made by means of a crossed account payee cheque in favour of 'Sri Vyasa Madhva Samshodhana Pratisthana'. The contributions will be acknowledged by official receipts of the pratishthana and they automatically qualify for income-tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Internet Banking transfers are also welcome and must be made to 'Sri Vyasa Madhva Samshodhana Pratisthana' Account No: 0472101031491, Canara Bank, Hanumantha Nagar Branch, Bangalore, India 560019. IFSC Code: CNRB0000472