The True Knowledge

The world is real. GOD is unique and distinct from Jiva. God is swatantra (independent). Jiva is aswatanthra (dependent) and is completely controlled by Parmatma. The qualities needed to attain Moksha are:

  • Absence of pride

  • Harmlessness, patience, righteousness, purity of mind and body

  • Steadfastness of duty

  • Self-control

  • Indifference to objects of senses

  • Absence of egoism

  • Non-attachment to sons

  • Non-attachment to wives

  • Non-attachment to home

  • Absence of intense attachment to anything

  • Equanimity towards all desirable and undesirable happenings

  • Devotion to God at all times

  • Exclusive knowledge of God's unique superiority to all else

  • Resort to holy and secluded places

  • Aversion to multitudes of people

  • Constant and eager contemplation of Atma