There are many commentaries on Bhagavata based on Srimadacharya's Bhagavata Tatparya Nirnaya. Among them Padma Ratnavali of Sri Vijayadhwaja is a very detailed one. Sri Sudheendra Tirtha, Sri Yadupatyacharya, Sri Bidarahalli Srinivasa Tirtha, Sri SatyanathaTirtha, Sri VyasatatvajnaTirtha, Chalari Sheshacharya, Lingeri Srinivasacharya are some other leading lights who have written commentaries on Bhagavata.

Sri Maadanoor VishnuTirtha's Bhagavatsaroddhara is a unique work which gives the essence of Bhagavata through its selected shlokas. Needless to say these are based on Srimadacharya's work.

Vedas and Upanishats by virtue of their Apaurusheyatva (the unique attribute of not having been authored by any one) are considered incontrovertible Shastras. Veda itself proclaims that Itihasa-Puranas are the fifth Veda. This would confirm emphatically that they are also sacchastras. Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Pancharatra come under Itihasas, while Bhagavata and other Granthas form the Purana group

For a correct understanding of the Vedas, knowledge of Itihasa-Puranas are a must says Mahabharata.

It goes further to say that any one who is not familiar with the world of Itihasa-Puranas, cannot qualify to be a Jnani though he might possess in-depth knowledge of Vedas and Vedangas.

It is indeed surprising that no Matacharya utilized this profound field of Puranas for the serious study of spiritual matters. Just as they ignored Itihasas they ignored Puranas as well. Though at a few places they have quoted Itihasa-Puranas, they have not paid the rightful tribute to the immense spiritual content of these.

To the casual reader of Bhagavata it would appear that even Hari dweshis like Kamsa, Shishupala, Putana and others attain deliverance. This would delude some into thinking that, just as Hari Bhakti, Hari Dwesha is also a tool for Mukti. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In all such cases, both Vishnu Bhakta and Vishnu Dweshi reside in one body and when the body dies Vishnu Bhakta gets deliverance and the Dweshi goes only to Tamas. The only route to salvation is Hari Bhakti and never Hari Dwesha. This important aspect is clarified with full validation.