The Philosophy of Sri Madhwa is simple, easy and very convincing one called "DWAITA VEDANTA".

Sri Madhwacharya, the third avatar of Lord Vayu, was the first Guru who boldly and clearly, proclaimed and proved the supremacy of Lord Vishnu. The scriptures say that, other than Mahalakshmi, the divine consort of Sri Vishnu, there is none who is capable of pure devotion like Lord Brahma & Lord Vayu.

ब्रह्मान्ता गुरवः साक्षात् इष्टं दैवं श्रियःपतिः |
आचार्या श्रीमदाचार्या सन्तु मे जन्मजन्मनि ||

Brahmanta Guravah Sakshat Ishtam Daivam Shriyah Patih |
Acharyah Srimadacharyaah Santu Me Janma Janmani ||

He was born near Udupi on Vijayadashami day in the year 1200 A.D. He took to Sanyasa in his 11th year and became known as 'Ananda Tirtha'. Srimadacharya disappeared while teaching Aitereya Upanishat Bashya to his disciples in Ananteshwara Temple at Udupi in the year 1277 A.D., He continues to live in the Badrikashram in the Himalayas with his Guru Sri Vedavyasa Devaru. The full biographical details of Sri Madhwacharya are told in "Shri SuMadhwa Vijaya".

Sri Madhwa unequivocally states that Lord Vishnu is supreme. Vishnu or Lord Sri Hari can be known only through Vedas.